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What Are Instagram IGTV Views?
Instagram's algorithm prefers videos with high engagement and a lot of views. Also, people will wonder how you managed to get that many views on your videos. This will add to your clout.
Why Should You Buy Instagram IGTV Views?
You can buy Instagram IGTV views to grow your account. If you're trying to be an influencer, views will make your account more visible. If you have a company, or a professional profile, it will be easier for you to promote your products or services.
Is it smart to buy Instagram IGTV views?
Yes, of course! Here's a fact: people will be more than eager to check a video if it has thousands of views. We are curious creatures, and the shiniest thing captures our attention the most.
Can video views decrease in time due to Instagram updates?
When a video is viewed by someone, it is guaranteed that the view count won't decrease in number. All of your views are made by different IPs and devices to stay on your profile indefinitely.
Can Instagram IGTV views help my business or brand in any way?
Yes, it can help and its main feature is building brand awareness. If you want people to remember your brand's name, you should buy views as visual media is proven to influence a bigger part of our subconscious.
Can you see who viewed your Instagram IGTV videos?
You cannot see the profiles that viewed your IGTV videos. However, you can see how many people viewed your IGTV videos.
What counts as a view on an Instagram IGTV video?
In a video, Instagram counts a view if the IGTV video is watched for at least 3 seconds or more.
Do video repeats count as views?
No. IGTV loops are not considered as views on Instagram.
Can you see how many times someone views your Instagram video?
Unfortunately, you cannot see who viewed your IGTV video multiple times.
Is it safe to buy Instagram IGTV views?
Of course, our website is protected by an SSL certificate. So, all your information is safe when purchasing services from us.
When will I receive my Instagram IGTV views?
Once you enter the number of views you want in the views quantity box, you can see the estimated delivery time.
Can people find out about the Instagram IGTV views I buy?
It is not possible for other users to know it. You cannot see who viewed Instagram videos, you can only see the number of people who viewed the videos.
Will Instagram ban my account for buying IGTV views?
We have never encountered such an issue. Our views will be delivered in a certain period of time. So, it will not look like spam.